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Filters Engineering

Filters Engineering is a Polish producer of filters for painting and spray booths. We specialize in the production of pleated paper filters and cube paint filters that effectively retain varnish particles that are environmentally harmful. In this way, they clean the air, protect the environment and also our health.


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Competitive prices

As a family company, we bear small production costs, so we can build competitive product prices. Thanks to this, we can offer our customers filters up to 30% cheaper.

Healthy work environment

Using Filters Engineering filters reduces environmental pollution. Thus, any plant using our filters directly contributes to the protection of the atmosphere, immediate environment and health.

Special orders realization

Upon request, we manufacture filters with non-standard parameters. In the case of such cyclical orders, we can immediately produce larger quantities of filters, and store them until the next order, so that when the need arises they are always ready for shipment to the indicated address.

High availability in the warehouse

As a Polish manufacturer, we guarantee constant availability of standard filters. Large inventory significantly reduce delivery time.

Fast delivery, timely and cost effective delivery

Shipment of goods on the same day the order was accepted and the developed system of combining deliveries guarantee low transport costs and the fact that the goods will reach you on time.

No downtime and the plant always ready for work

Continuity of production, flexible approach and forms of delivery, as well as the ability to adapt to each client provides customers with constant access to the necessary filters. Every day. Thanks to this, they don’t have to worry about unnecessary breaks in work and exposing their companies to losses.

Filters cut to size

At Filters Engineering, unlike other manufacturers, we cut filters to size. All you have to do is give us your expectations and we will deliver a tailor-made product.

What defines our filters?

Our filters are made from eco-friendly materials. For production, we only use recycled paper. Thanks to this, all our filters are easy to dispose of. 

By supplying our cartboard filters as the only ones on the market, we close cardboard packaging with hot melt glue. It makes the edges stiffer and stronger, and the filter itself has less chance of damage during transport. 

Unlike competing products, which consist of two parts, our Cube Paint filters are made of one part. This make the filter easier to assemble. With just one hand movement, the filter takes its final shape ready for insertion into the spray booth. 

Order filters

Cube paint filter

Cube paint filter

Cube paint filter made by Filters Engineering is most often used in car paint shops. The unique design allows the filter to be unfolded immediately…

Pleated paper filter

Pleated paper filter

Pleated paper filter by Filters Engineering is designed for air purification in industrial varnishing shops and spray booths. Mostly in furniture paint shops.



The filter of the renowned German Sandler brand can be used for initial filtration in spray booths.

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